January 18, 2017

Love is in the air! Give your sweetheart something spectacular to express your adoration. From just-the-right-price bright silver to glittering gold with diamonds, we present our top picks to help you pick the perfect gift. 

szor valentine's day gift guide


1. Disa Allsopp Bright Silver Spaghetti Band Ring, $195

2. Wendy Stevens Stainless Steel Leather Carryall Bag, $695

3. Jon Iversen Oxidized Sterling Silver Baby Hydrangea Earrings, $95

4. Barbara Heinrich Watermelon Tourmaline Gold Petals Bracelet, $3,880

5. Petra Class One-of-a-kind Blue Sapphire Hexagonal Earrings, $1,550

6. Rebecca Overmann White Diamond & Gold Fern Pendant, $920


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