Nada Ghazal

Nada Ghazal Fine Jewelry is imbued with feelings, memories and experiences. Moments, thoughts and sensations of the designer are captured in undulating waves of gold that are contrasted with precisely set diamonds and precious gems, celebrating our unique complexities. While Nada’s jewels are in essence deeply personal, they convey universal emotions, allowing the wearer to embrace them as part of their own story. Nada’s clients often layer her bold feminine designs together, building their own powerful narrative, collecting her pieces over time. Nada believes our relationship with jewelry is unique – each jewel is a memory realized – a cherished gift, a connection to a time, a person, an experience. Her tactile pieces are a daily reminder of our journey. Every creation is intricately handcrafted in Nada’s Atelier, with each stone carefully selected and set with precision by her master craftsmen. For the designer, working side by side with her craftspeople is essential, this symbiotic relationship allows her to realize her vision.