Atelier Munsteiner

Atelier Munsteiner focuses on the innovative shaping of modern gemstones as a means to create exquisite masterpieces. The family-run firm has introduced numerous gem-cutting styles and shapes, gaining international recognition and acclaim. Bernd Munsteiner, known as the “Picasso of Gem-Cutters,” was the first contemporary jewelry artist to work with crystals. Creating the firm’s maxim of “designing the stone,” Bernd is famous for the images, objects d’art, and sculptures he creates from transparent minerals. Learning to cut and polish gems in the classical faceted style, Bernd’s son, Tom, later adopted the special geometric cuts his father had developed.  Finally,  Bernd's daughter, Jutta, specifically focuses on the design aspects of the business. While each Munsteiner brings a distinctive facet to the family firm, their works always culminate from Bernd’s original vision of releasing the aura from a stone.