Roule & Co.

Architectural and dynamic, Roule & Company embodies a unique modern sensibility and a fresh approach to fine jewelry. In a place where cutting-edge technology meets traditional craftsmanship, the collection has its roots in universal principles and elegant geometries. Intricate and streamlined, strong and delicate, the designs are about the spaces within, the spaces without, and the spaces in between. Roule & Co.'s trademark wireform technique is a labor of love that Christopher Roule has been developing and refining for nearly a decade. Pushing the boundaries of the materials, his designs has much in common with architecture and industrial design, using gold and gemstones the way an engineer might use steel or glass. The company’s signature “Shaker” pieces are irreverent, decadent, and playful; golden lattices filled with 5 to 175 carats of loose gemstones that truly come to life when worn.