The Szor Family

We’re so delighted and appreciative of your visit to Szor Collections! Our mission is really quite simple: to provide you with exceptionally-curated jewelry, handbags, and objets d’art defined by inspirational design and extraordinary craftsmanship. Our family-owned, jewel-box gallery represents thirty artists from all over the world, all of whom are exclusive to us in Dallas. These master metalsmiths, gem-cutters, and jewelers have won countless awards and accolades for their work, which is defined by innovation, timelessness and versatility.

Our fascination with modern jewelry and art began decades ago during our travels around the world; we were amazed to find that many of the outstanding artists we encountered lacked any representation in Dallas. This oversight by our hometown quickly evolved into the inspiration behind our gallery. For years, we operated strictly as a brick-and-mortar location for locals in search of something fabulous and different. As clients consistently brought in friends from other cities, states, and countries, it became abundantly clear that our collections enchanted people from all over the world. While we still call Dallas home, we jumped on the opportunity to serve jewelry and art lovers outside of the city through Our collections can also be found on the website, where we have showcased luxury items as an esteemed vendor since 2012. As you continue to explore our offerings, we hope your online experience grants you the same passion and excitement that we feel every day at our gallery.  
 Whether you’re here to buy or to play, our objective during your visit is to remind you how fun it is to express yourself and open your eyes to new possibilities. Thank you again for stopping by and please feel free to call us with any thoughts or questions.

 Best Regards,

 Jay, Jerry and Nancy Szor