Lori Barros

Lori Barros discovered her passion for gemstones and fine jewelry at a young age. She observed her grandmother's traditional style of wearing diamonds and pearls, and her mother's love of colorful gemstones worked into long, beaded necklaces.  Extensive overseas travel often found the three generations of women shopping local markets and art colonies for jewelry, heirloom treasures and gemstones. In 2017, Lori left her career in finance and pursued her dream of creating a jewelry design company. As a Miami native surrounded by vibrant energy, colorful culture and boundless natural elements, the vision of the collection was created. Each hand-knotted, signature Lori Barros Design necklace becomes a distinctive item in a woman's repertoire.  "My long, knotted necklaces are the essence of my creations.  From there, I build the unique piece I envision a woman wearing.  It's always about the layers, the textures, the colors and the style." Envision pearls, diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines, turquoise and topaz, entwined in settings of sterling silver, 14k and 20k gold, hand-knotted into long necklaces that may be creatively worn in a variety of ways, and you have a Lori Barros Design creation, as distinctive as the woman who wears it.