June 03, 2016

The buzz surrounding The Costume Institute's Spring 2016 exhibition, Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology, has us inspired, as much of our curated jewelry collection walks the line between old-world craftsmanship and modern, new-age edge. The exhibit, and its celeb-studded Met Gala, explores how designers reconcile the handmade (manus) and the machine-made (machina) in the creative process. Featuring works from Karl Lagerfeld, Sarah Burton, Issey Miyake and more, the collection takes on the new versus old dichotomy — high-tech materials applied with painstakingly handcrafted methods, or classic techniques, like embroidery, printed with machinery, etc. It is an interesting and exciting time in design where modern mixes with tried-and-true past. Here are some of our favorite pieces that fit right in with the theme.

Manus x Machina Jewelry

1. Geoffrey Good One-of-a-kind Phantom Quartz, Oxidized-silver Zanzibar Ring A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Good's pieces reflect "a sense of the future balanced by respect for the past and the legacy of his training."
2. Claude Chavent Silver Gold Cube Necklace With a background in chemistry, Chavent has contemporary design down to a science. 
3. Jo Hayes Ward Cornflower Blue Sapphire 3D Printed Reflective Gold Earrings old-world wax casting combined with 3D Printing - Manus x Machina defined. 
6. Wendy Stevens Stainless Steel Powder Blue Leather Tangent Bag Inspired by the industrialism of New York City, Stevens' hand-forged stainless steel and leather bags unite strength and modernity with classic silhouettes and function.  
7. Atelier Munsteiner Icicle Cut Aquamarine Tahitian Pearl Platinum Earrings Munsteiner pieces defy traditional methods of gem-cutting with their pioneering "fantasy cuts" that create spectacular displays of light and form within a stone - a truly unique and important part of jewelry-design history.
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